The ”Second Half Coach” is here to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate you on how to live life to the fullest in your second half. If you are over 40, statistically you are in your second half of life.  In football terms, you are still in the game and this is your half time speech.  But let’s face it.  We know how the game ends.  So now it becomes about the journey to the end and what we can make of it.  Even though we can’t really change the final reality, I believe we can have a lot to say about fulfillment, happiness, and meaning throughout this journey.  Possibly even the length of it.

To implement this concept, you need a plan and you need to start it NOW!  Life today is complicated to say the least.  You are going to be making decisions concerning:

  • Finances
  • Wills
  • Medical Directives
  • Social Security
  • Health

And the list goes on!  But we can help you with all that.  Most of all, you need to make improvements in diet and mental and physical exercise.  The most important battle is for the mind.  We must keep a certain mental and physical ability to really end this game a winner.  I can’t make guarantees, but study, after study, after study, shows that exercise benefits the brain and the body.  That is why we have put in our own personal training facility, for those that want private help, encourage everyone to have some sort of training equipment at home, and to have a fitness membership somewhere.

We intend to develop a community of like minded people who share the same goal of living independently, and attacking life all the way instead of just existing until you fade away.  A “Declaration of Independence” if you will.  If you don’t already have one, you need to find a passion, a reason for living.  We can help with that too.

More About Dan Sides

Photo of Dan SidesDan is an entrepreneur and business man of 35 years.  He designed one of the first, home sized, multi station exercise units in 1992.

He has survived Hepatitis, lifelong back problems, lifelong migraine sufferer, 7 orthopedic surgeries, and 2 major medical surgeries.

He is an NASM Certified Exercise Specialist, and Certified Weight Loss Specialist.

Since 2000, he has been competing on a world level in the Bench Press.  At age 60, he has never felt better and attributes his well being to his study of diet, mental & physical exercise, and herbal & natural supplementation.

His other passion is Motorcycle Drag Racing.  After having an unmatched winning record in 1978, he came back in 2007 after a 21 year hiatus to win the coveted “Wally” in drag racing. Racing is still a big part of his life  today.

After a 9 year study of age related issues and Nursing Home care, Dan is committed to a continued search for age related and independent living solutions.  Dan has always been an innovative, inventive, problem solver and brings these skills to the pursuit of life fulfillment and lifelong independence.